Soulrya has 4 major deities;

Soo-Ra, Creator of All:

Soo-Ra, who sacrificed himself so that Soulrya would not fall under Kael-Ra’s evil control. Though the consequences of his actions were great, his followers love and adore him for the ultimate sacrifice he paid. Clerics of Soo-Ra are devoted towards rooting out evil and corruption with society. You’ll often find them leading adventuring parties to wipe out a local gang of raiders, or cleansing a town of the influence of Kael-Ra. His temples are ornate, celebrating his divinity and offer shelter and healing to those people who have fallen prey to the burning heat. In turn, they can also use the power of the sun to destroy any evil beings they come across. Play a cleric of Soo-Ra if you wish to be able to protect others from the effect of the sun, and turn its deadly powers against evil-doers.

A cleric of Soo-Ra must be Good aligned, and has access to 2 of the following domains.

Domains: Good, Summer, Sun, Knowledge
Jan-Sai, God of Water:

Son of Soo-Ra, gave the people the gift of water. Whilst all people regard water as precious, followers of Jan-Sai believe that to waste water is the ultimate sin, and it is to be shared equally amongst all people. Temples are often situated on river mouths, where they can monitor the waterways and ensure it is not being wasted. They are known to publicly humiliate noblemen who store large amounts of water, or waste it on extravagant gardens. Clerics are kind and giving, helping the poor and providing travelers with water. Play a cleric of Jan-Sai if you wish to be able to conjure and control water, and use its healing properties. They are often highly respected and hold positions of power, as in Soulrya, control over water is a great power to have.

A cleric of Jan-Sai must be Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral aligned, and has access to 2 of the following domains.

Domains: Water, Healing, Nobility, Protection
Ka-Men the Goddess of the Sands:

Daughter of Soo-Ra, gave the people the gift of knowledge of the sands. Having no official temples, the clerics of Ka-Men are wanderers, using the powers of their Goddess to move about the sands with ease. Dedicated to teaching people how to properly move about on the desert planes, it’s not uncommon to see a cleric of Ka-Men leading small desert tribes, who ride upon Sand-Boats. They have control of the winds and sands, able to move them for their own purposes. Play a cleric of Ka-Men if you wish to be a desert nomad, capable of controlling the winds and sands for your own purposes, striving to help other utilise the environment around them. They regard the desert as something of beauty and power, not a horrible wasteland to be feared.

A cleric of Ka-Men MUST NOT be Lawful aligned, following only the laws of the deserts, and has access to 2 of the following domains.

Domains: Sand, Travel, Air, Luck
Kael-Ra, Destroyer of All:

Followers of Kael-Ra are heard about, but never seen. Those people who wish to try to revive their fallen master so that he may gift them with powers beyond all belief. A person who is found to be a follower of Kael-Ra is usually chased out of town, or even killed, lest his evil influence affect them. You MAY NOT choose this god as your deity.

A cleric of Kael-Ra must be Evil aligned, and has access to 2 of the following domains.

Domans: Destruction, Thirst, Evil, Death


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