Soulrya was once a beautiful paradise, all races were at peace with one another and life flourished. The people of Soulrya embraced the Arts, developing sculptures and paintings of great beauty, and their music was said to be magical. The plane is one of many created by dieties who wanted a place of their own. Soulrya was the creation of the god Soo-Ra, master of the Sun.

The plane was a place of harmony, a multitude of flowing rivers and oceans were abundant with life and the people of Soulrya learned to fish and row boats. Thriving and exploring every corner of this paradise, Soo-Ra was pleased. But he was lonely, he had no one to share this world with, and so he created twin children to help him look after this plane.

Jan-Sai, God of Waters was charged with ensuring the rivers and oceans of Soulrya always flowed freely and were full of fish for the people to catch. He brought the seasonal floodings, to deposit mineral rich soil on the lands for the people to grow their crops on. The crocodiles were his creation, to protect the rivers from those who would abuse them.

Ka-Men, Goddess of Winds was charged with ensuring the lands were kept in balance. She moved clouds from mountains to plains to water crops, and taught the people how to sail the oceans on mighty vessels. She brought about the seasons, so that crops might be grown during the warmer months and the land given time to heal during the colder months. The sphinxes were her creation, to fly over the lands, and ensure the people were not abusing the land.

Life was good, and he had children to share in his paradise, so Soo-Ran was pleased. Until the day when his older brother came to Soulrya. Kael-Ra is a spiteful god, too lazy to create a plane, yet he wanting one of his own. Seeing the paradise his younger brother had built, he plotted to steal it. He infiltrated Soulrya, gathering followers by promising great power to all those who rejected Soo-Ran and his children. It was he who taught the people how to build weapons, and gave them the anger to use them. His armies of brain washed, blood thirsty followers swept over the lands like a plague. Destroying towns and taking prisoners for blood sacrifices, a wave of evil swept across the lands. The peaceful people of Soulrya, trained in the Arts and not in War had no chance of survival and city after city was destroyed. Each sacrifice made Kael-Ran more and more powerful, until the day he had power enough to challenge Soo-Ran and his children for possession of the plane.

A mighty battle was fought above the plane of Soulrya, Soo-Ra, Jan-Sai and Ka-Men struggling against the empowered Kael-Ra. Their attacks bounced off his armour, whilst his tore mighty gouges of flesh away. The battle was going towards Kael-Ran very quickly, and it looked like Soulrya would be devoured by his worshippers and become a place of hell, not of paradise. As he stood to deliver the killing blow to Soo-Ra, Kael-Ra was taken surprise by the smile on his brother’s lips. “Goodbye brother, may this act cleanse you of my world.” laughed Soo-Ran, launching himself at Kael-Ran, grabbing him and driving them both down towards Soulrya. Screaming in frustration Kael-Ra tried to free himself from the grip of his younger brother as they fell down towards the earth. Again and again he stabbed into Soo-Ra’s back, killing his younger brother…but he was trapped in his death embrace. Together they fell, and slammed into Soulrya with a great force, and an explosion of the magical forces released within the two gods.

Great plumes of dust and ash were thrown high into the air, and shockwaves tore through the land, destroying cities and mountains alike. Soulrya was changed on that day, no longer a paradise, it was covered by a giant layer of sand and became a desolate wasteland. Those people who survived the Fall flocked to the remaining rivers to try and eke out an existance, growing what little crops they could in the sandy desert. No longer was Soulrya a place of peace, the people studying the Arts, but now it was a place of great hardship and struggle. Water became a precious commodity, and the rivers and fish within them are highly regulated. Over the millenia civilisations rose and fell, thousands of cities lost under the sands, lost knowledge waiting to be uncovered again.

But what of Soo-Ra and Kael-Ra? The commonly accepted theorey is that Soo-Ra was reborn as the sun, glaring down on the earth with its harsh rays to scorch away the stain of Kael-Ra. His followers are gifted with the ability to use this power for good, and the ability to protect themself and others from its harsh rays. Meanwhile Kael-Ra was reborn as the moon, bringing the intense cool of the nights, which can be even more deadly than the sun’s rays. His followers are gifted with the power to drain the very water from a persons body, or strip away parts of their soul.

Jan-Sai and Ka-Men still mourn the loss of their father to this day, and have never fully recovered from Kael-Ra’s deadly attacks. Their powers are far less than what they once were, yet still they carry on the duties assigned by their father. Jan-Sai watches over the water ways, his followers protectors of the delicate ecosystems held within them, and regulators of how the water is used. His crocodiles still lurk in the rivers, and are revered within his temples, used to punish those who would harm the rivers. Ka-Men became Goddess of the Sands, teaching the people how to sail the sands as they once sailed the oceans, she also taught the people how to use their new environment to their advantage. Her followers are often desert nomads, dedicated to surviving out on the open sand dunes, all who live by a strict code. A person found stranded in the deserts must be cared for, and taught how to better use the new environment to their advantage. Though her sphinxes no longer fly over the lands as watchers, a few are left buried underground, guarding ancient cities and the forbidden knowledge within.


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