The Crater

A massive crater of immeasurable distance directly in the middle of Soulrya. This was created when Soo-Ra and Kael-Ra crashed into the plane, killing them both and changing the landscape forever. Great plumes of sand and dust covered the land, transforming it into the inhospitable desert it is today. Nobody has ever seen the Crater and survived, as the closer you get the hotter the desert becomes. Scholars believe this to be because the ground becomes lower, hot winds are channeled more agressively as they pick up speed and cause greater heat. The common consensus however is that the two gods still fight each other within the Crater and the heat is raw energy from their battles. Strangely however, the four great rivers flow from somewhere in this area, but it always flows clean and cool…again the extreme heat of the area prevents any exploration.

River Iona

One of the four great rivers that flow forth from somewhere near the Crater, Iona being the Southern flowing one. All the major settlements and provinces are built around these rivers, and their rich waters give life to booming fishing industries and allow a farming close to their banks. Once a year these rivers flood, depositing silt rich in nutrients to grow crops in. The province of Karnas is based around Iona, and stretches for a great distance Southwards.


The province built around the great river Iona, and has a rich fishing lifestyle (along with what agriculture the river allows). In general it is a Good aligned region, with strong followings of both Soo-Ra and Jan-Sai. It is governed by the Council of Three, elected by the population and make decisions based on a majority vote.


The main city of the province of Karnas, is the center of just about everything for the region. It boasts large churches to Soo-Ra and Jan-Sai, along with the best University in Soulrya. The university turns out many fine wizards, sorcerers and scholars. Karn is also a good exporter of fine arts, which are sold to the Wind Traders and taken to the other provinces.


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