Church of Soo-Ran: Based in the center of Karn, this church holds great influence over the area, along with the Church of Jan-Sai. It is a center of Good and many of the clerics are also great scholars, dedicated to storing and recovering lost knowledge. They have strong ties with the main university of Karn, and often fund expeditions to discover lost cities under the sands.

Church of Jan-Sai: Based on the shores of the river Iona, this church also holds great influence over the area. They regulate the water use of the river, so it is never drained completely dry. Many high ranking members of the Fishing Guild are followers of Jan-Sai, and that is part of the reason fishing is so heavily regulated in the area. The delicate balance of the river must not be disrupted, else the entire province will suffer

Council of Three: The rulers of Karn, together the three vote on what course of action to take in any given situation. Currently the Council consists of Jarrel Hockas (master of the Trade Guild), Magnai Forass (master of the Fishing Guild) and Tairek Hamas (general of the Karnas Guard). They meet twice a week to discuss whatever needs to be discussed, and each adds their considerable experience in their fields to run the province smoothly. However they are always careful to respect the churches of Soo-Ran and Jan-Sai, and base their decisions around how it will affect the churches and their followers.

Trade Guild: Run by council member Jarrel Hockas, the guild name is misleading. Whilst they do regulate trade (taxing the Wind Riders and other importers/exporters), their main job is distribution. The camel herders in outlying settlements are sent fish and grain to survive on, and in turn the herders send back cattle meat and supply camels to the capital city. The entire province is based on a system of redistribution due to the harsh climate in which they live. Crops are easier to grow nearer the rivers, so the settlements there are rich in crops, but settlements further out might have access to hunting grounds and have a steady supply of meat. The Trade Guild demands a percentage of all goods collected, and in turn supplies the settlements with what they are missing.

Fishing Guild: Run by council member Magnai Forass, this guild regulates the fishing done on the river Iona. Fishermen are required to purchase a license from the guild, and must adhere to the catchment rules. Persons found breaking these rules have their license taken away, and are fined or imprisoned. Usually run by devout followers of Jan-Sai, the guild ensures the river Iona is kept in good condition and prohibits overfishing. They’re also responsible for part of the distribution process run by the Trade Guild. Fishing Guild boats are chartered by the Trade Guild to collect goods from settlements along the river, and to send out supplies as well.

Karnas Guard: Run by council member Tairek Hamas, this is the official army of the Karnas province. Not a real standing army, but more a defense force. Responsible for peacekeeping, and is split into different cells. All the major settlements have a small force of men, charged with defense of the town. Usually the caravans of the Trade Guild, and the boats they charter from the Fishing Guild have a squad of soldiers defending them as well. As of late however, numbers of soldiers are down, most being tempted away by the Wind Traders to become caravan guards. The job might be more dangerous, but the Wind Traders pay far better and it’s a chance to see new lands. As such, numbers are stretched fairly thin at the moment, and some of the further out settlements are left defenseless, something raiders are starting to capitalise on.

Wind Traders: A multi-racial group of neutral traders, unaligned to any province, king or religion. They live solely for profit, traveling the great distances between provinces to buy low and sell high. Masters of Sand-Boats, they employ many people skilled in traveling the deserts. They are impartial to any of the problems of a province, and are quick to distance themselves from anything that would cut into their profits. They also offer a taxi service between provinces for a suitable price. Most of the permanent members of the Wind Traders are followers of Ka-Men, thankful to her for the ability to sail the sands.

Asheratis Nomads: A group of Ashertis who live almost entirely in the deserts. Rarely seen by most people, but now and then they’ll turn up on the outskirts of settlements, dropping off some lucky soul they found wandering the desert about to die of dehydration. Their dry bodies and excellent sand swimming skills allow them to spend most their time under the sands, hunting Ant Lions for food.

Bhuka Raiders: A troublesome group of Bhukas who have been hitting isolated towns. In the past they’ve been nothing major, stealing a few camels or burning a house or two, but as of late their raids have increased dramatically. There’s also rumour that they’ve begun taking captives on their raids…but unlike normal they aren’t being offered up for ransom.

Cult of Kael-Ra: The rumour on every lip, the scared, hushed conversation in every household. Word has been spreading of a Cult of Kael-Ra in the area, making blood sacrifices to their evil god. They seek to destabilize the province, throwing it into chaos in the belief that enough disharmony and bloodshed will give Kael-Ra the power to be reborn.


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